Quilt 655 for The 70273 Project

Art Quilts, 2018

Quilts 655 and 656, named by The 70273 Project, go together because they were made concurrently yet came out a very different pieces.  Quilt 655 is made from linens from a church rummage sale, a little bit of quilting cotton, linen from making my own clothes, and apparel lining for the middle layer to maintain the transparency. The top part of the piece reminds me of trees, and the bottom the roots as I followed the creases in the linen to make striations of pairs of Xs.  This piece commemorates 341 out of the 70,273 people with special needs killed by the Nazis before the Holocaust began.  For more information,  see Jeanne-Hewell-Chambers' site here for The 70273 Project.