Doodling with Intent

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

It started innocently enough. The Orlando MQG brought in a speaker to teach the Guild about Sashiko. I had been wanting to learn this for years, both for the purpose of decorative stitching but also to be able to do Big Stitch quilting.

Jen from Red Thread Studio gave a wonderful lesson and we all came away with a coaster and a skein of thread.

The next day it was done. I gave it as part of a gift to a woodworker who made a gavel for the Orlando MQG.

Then, for Christmas that year, I received a gift of many skeins of thread and some special sashiko fabric. So I tried my hand at this visible mending thing.

I confess. I bought jeans with holes in them so I could do this.

After a few more garments were, um, "repaired", I looked at that blank navy piece of sashiko fabric and within minutes, an idea came to me, and I began to stitch.

Progress over about seven sittings with this piece.

I'm going to leave you hanging here. This, and the subsequent iterations, are an expression of experience that I'm not ready to air out. But whenever anyone asks, I say I'm just doodling, with intent. I keep this project in my purse and when I'm waiting for an appointment of standing by, I have this to work on.

Progress as of September 2018.

One and two are missing a figure which I haven't quite decided on how I want to represent. The third is just barely started.

Sometimes you just never know what a simple lesson can lead to.

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