Modern Lonestar #3

Art Quilt, 2017

This quilt was born out of a Guild Modern Principles Challenge.  I decide to work with the Lonestar form and try to rethink it.   I began making these drippy lone stars which remind me of a burst of spray paint on a wall and running down.  In this third iteration, I wanted to use the Alexander Henry fingerprint fabric because I like the way large scale prints look when cut up and re-presented.  The white and ivory  contrasted well against the busyness of the background, and the ribbons deconstruct the interaction of light and dark and present them in another way.  The whole thing, to me, could represent creative inspiration in a few of its many forms: a burst, a dormant thin line, or running parallel to something else and not yet intersecting.

ML3 on Design Wall

Progess pic on design wall when working out the ribbons.  Lonestars 1 and 2 can also be seen here. 


Close up of quilting, metallic thread, and hand binding work.


Close up of finished center.  Photo credit: Paula Kennedy

Modern Lone Star #3 Photo Cr. Paula Kenn

Photo credit:  Paula Kennedy